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Why you should read "The Deal"

My 5 Reasons, why you shoul read "The Deal" by Elle Kennedy:

  1. It's like the oldschool new adult books. Friendship. Love. Coming of Age.

  2. A badass female character, who is smart and got through some tough shit. Hannah never gives up. She learns and she heals.

  3. Garrett seem like a bad boy but he is actually good guy and knows, what he wants. When he needed help from Hannah he didn't accepted he first no. I now for some it's a red flag, but I loved that about him.

  4. Icehockey. Do I have to say more?

  5. Hannah is a 1D-Lover. I love the subplot with 1D 😊


  1. Hockey Romance

  2. Fake Dating

  3. Friends-to-Lovers

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